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Follow the below links to the HMRC website to pay your taxes:

Corporation Tax- Companies pay Corporation Tax on profits that they make within their financial year. In order to be able to pay your Corporation Tax you will need your company UTR (unique tax reference) This is a 10 digit code that will have been issued to the registered office address of the company when the company was formed.

Click here to pay Corporation Tax

PAYE Tax - PAYE tax is due by employers, it is your duty as the employer to pay your staffs tax and national insurance to HMRC. You will also be liable for employers national insurance. This is an additional amount that is to be paid by you the employer. C.I.S stoppages are also paid here. More about CIS below. When you pay your PAYE bill or P32 as it is sometimes known, you will need your 13 digit Accounts Office Reference Number which will have been sent to you by HMRC, and the 4 digit code that can be found in the table below:

Click here to pay your PAYE bill

C.I.S Stoppages - C.I.S stands for Construction Industry Scheme. If you work in the Construction Industry and provide labour, this labour will be liable for stoppages from the work provider of 20%. This will then be paid to HMRC. If you are the Contractor and have Sub-Contractor then it is your responsibility for make stoppages on the labour element that you pay to your contractors. This then needs paying to HMRC. You will again have to use your accounts office reference number and pay via your online banking. Please click HERE for HMRC's C.I.S bank details.

Self Assessment - This is the tax that you owe as an individual that hasn't already been through PAYE. You need to pay your self assessment bill by 31st January.

To pay your self assessment bill click HERE. You will need your 10 digit UTR number. If you are using online banking you will need to enter K after your UTR e.g. 0123456789K

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